Where can I buy fortified white wine?

A fortified wine is basically a type of wine which contains distilled spirit added to it. The spirit is added in order to increase the alcohol content. The fortified wine can be obtained from the Douro Valley in Portugal and from Jerez de la Frontera.

Types of fortified wines

Some of the popular fortified white wine and red and white wine gift set are as follows:


Port wine is obtained from Portugal, Duoro Valley. The grapes are perfectly grown and processed in the region. Port is the most commonly and rich form of fortified wine. There is a range of style exists in port wine. It includes ruby port, white port, tawny port and rose port.


Madeira is obtained from Portugal’s Madeira Islands. The wine ranges from dry to sweet. It is normally noticeable because of its aging process known as estufagem. Madeira is made up from the combination of aging and heating along with mild pasteurization and oxidization.


Madeira is obtained from Marsala. It is a city present on the Italian Island of Sicily. The Marsala wine is classified by color, sweetness level and age. The amount of alcohol present in Marsala is of 15 to 20 percent ABV.